For whatever you can imagine, imagine it in glass…

Colored Glass

DreamWalls colored glass, by Gardner Glass Products, is an ideal solution for commercial and residential spaces. A back-painted glass using ultra clear low-iron Starphire glass, so the color you specify is the color you see. A proprietary, state-of-the-art paint technology is used to manufacture and fabricate DreamWalls colored glass in limitless color options using a durable heat-cured, two coat system. Size capabilities range from 4″ x 4″ to 96″ x 144″, with reproducible color consistency from the first piece to the last.

Ideal for commercial, institutional, and residential spaces, DreamWalls colored glass can contribute towards LEED credits. Color options, color clarity, and extreme durability make DreamWalls colored glass the leader in back-painted glass for projects of any size (annealed, tempered, custom-cut, or laminated options are available).